Draya Michele Shuts Down Instagram

Draya Michele post yet again another chic photo for the gram. She sexily sprawls out in her Rowen blouse from  Grlfrnd on a red couch putting her luxuriant curves on full display.  Already known for her spotlight, candid posts, the gorgeous supermodel and business owner of http://www.mint-swim.com/  can always give you a  post to gock over.

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Black rose c-thru Lars pant from the Majorelle Collection compliment her pose & scorching look with her lips closed and eyes that could steal your heart. In a past interview she states “It’s important to show people that I am versatile. I can still have the same sex appeal in clothing. I’m not afraid to cover it up. I used to think that I was fully-clothed that I wouldn’t get likes, or people weren’t going to pay attention to me, but that’s not the case.”

Covering her fingertips are white polish and toe the same color with black heels on her feet. Take a peek below.

Meanwhile while keeping us updated with her trip, Draya Michele shared another picture earlier today on her personal feed. It revealed that she was looking to go shopping. Which isn’t unexpected, considering Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Fans wishing to see more of Draya Michele should follow her Instagram

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