Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s Friendship Revealed in UK TV Show


You will feel cheerful to learn about Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s friendship. If you are a fan of both or either of these two music powerhouses, you are aware that they collaborated on three occasions.

Ed Sheeran and Eminem are in the latter’s Revival studio album, specifically in the track “River.” Additionally, you may be aware that Ed Sheeran performed with Eminem in the latter’s eleventh studio album, Music To Be Murdered By, for the song “Those Kinda Nights.”

Finally, Ed Sheeran’s studio album No.6 Collaborations Project featured himself and Slim Shady singing “Remember The Name” along with 50 Cent. You will feel pleased to learn about Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s friendship which they share besides their engagement in the music industry.

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer-songwriter recently appeared in the British music TV show “Later… with Jools Holland.” This event is when fans discovered Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s friendship.

According to Ed, he and Marshall Bruce Mathers III became pen pals after bonding over their shared love of cassette tapes. The 30-year-old father of one child affirmed that he collects cassette tapes, including those of music legends Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.

Ed Sheeran described such cassette tapes as very hard to find. In the TV show, the soft rock singer cited that the only individual he knows who shares the same interest in collecting cassette tapes is Eminem. 

In Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s friendship, you will learn from the former that both of them love collecting items, including cassette tapes. After they learned their common hobby, Ed and Eminem became pen-pals which Mr. Sheeran thinks is “very cool.”

Ed even disclosed that he received a message lately from Slim Shady about an LL Cool J cassette tape. Eminem told Ed Sheeran that such an item is what made him want to commence rapping.

Ed Sheeran said that he sent his friend from the United States a Van Morrison cassette tape. You can tell that Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s friendship brings delight to both of them as the British singer affirmed that he would send the Detroit rap star David Gray’s ‘White Ladder’ cassette tape next.

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