Embattled T.I. Wants Privacy in His Activities

T.I. recently disclosed his desire for privacy in the Big Facts Podcast. The 40-year-old rapper-actor was addressing the latest allegations made against him.

You may find T.I. fuming as he reacted to the roller-coaster-like events happening in his life lately. The music figure, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., explained his side during an interview with Big Facts Podcast hosts Baby Jade, Big Bank, and DJ Scream.

The latter asked about some of the recent claims made about T.I.’s character. The Atlanta, Georgia-born, three-time Grammy Award winner said that the controversy involving himself began last January 29.

T.I. spoke with expletives and mentioned celebrities like him attending private gatherings and heading to any superstar’s residence. He relayed that during events like these, they sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA.

The record producer and entrepreneur, whose other stage name is Tip, said people must hold anonymity and privacy in high regard. You can tell that T.I. was certainly against the allegations made against him, which he vehemently denied.

He relayed that those accusations did not hurt him. T.I. also said that even if those claims had already reached the federal authorities, he informed the latter to do their job.

When you check out the encounter between the rapper and the Big Facts Podcast hosts, you can say that he has had enough of people who he described as unreasonable.

When Big Bank dropped the name “Sabrina Peterson,” who is reportedly involved in T.I.’s dispute, saying that the party demanded an apology from the rapper, the embattled T.I. reacted with his defiant middle finger.

The series of disturbing accusations have led the Atlanta rapper’s reputation to get scrutinized lately. Many of his fans have been waiting for the outcome before drawing a firm verdict. T.I. has also reportedly tried to offer his viewpoint on the allegations with his song “What It’s Come To.”

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