Even anti-Jew statements couldn’t deter Ilana Glazer’s hope to bring radical change in politics

Ilana Glazer had to cancel her political event which was scheduled for last Thursday, 1st of November which was about to take place at a synagogue in Brooklyn. The event was canceled because several anti-Jew messages were found carved all over the property. According to one of the news reporters, there were many hateful messages and graffiti markings written inside the union temple. The hateful statements are written on several floors of the temple.

According to one of the public information official, police has discovered the word Hitler written on the first floor’s staircase. The official further told the press that on the third floor they found Jews better be ready written with black marker. While on the fourth floor two other statements were found written which were — die Jew rats we are here, and the end is now. The official further informs the press that NYPD’s hate crime department is investigating the case and no arrests have been made so far.

Ilana Glazer who had planned the event to educate voters about local candidates and activists during midterm elections said that she’s not afraid and she’ll continue her work. Glazer told the press that they were ready to make a radical change in the society by making people aware about the people who are working for human rights. Glazer further continues that racial comments and hateful anti-Jew statements will not be able to stop them at any cost.

After the incident took place last Thursday Ilana addressed a large crowd, she asked them to remain calm and told them that the event has been canceled due to nefarious activities of anti-social elements. In one of the social media’s video Glazer can be seen standing on a chair as she was addressing the crowd; she encouraged and urged the crowd to stay connected.

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