Everybody Wants To Freestyle, Even The People Who Can’t


The most artistic form of rapping is freestyling, which is why we often praise rappers who mastered this skill. For instance, Lil Wayne is famous for freestyling memorable lines. He skillfully spits off the top of his head, exciting his fans, who appreciate his talent. However, freestyling has become one of those annoying fads of hip-hop; like using auto-tune, wearing huge chains, or adding young or lil to the beginning of a name. Its definitely not a one-size-fits all thing and can not be done successfully by all rappers.

It is absolutely painful to listen to a horrible freestyle verse, especially since its getting more and more common amongst rappers. I mean, what is wrong with writing a verse anyway? Why are rappers so against using paper and pen? Does it make you a less credible artist if you actually put thought into your lyrics and jot it on paper? Will other rappers start beef with you if you use a dictionary and thesaurus to help write a song with actual substance? I mean God forbid, rappers write something down and people actually mistake them for being lyricists.

In a perfect world, a rapper’s goal would be to make sense and tell a story, and not spit weak freestyles just to fit in. But I’m afraid that those days maybe long gone. What do you think?



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