Evolution: Survival of the Sexiest?

It turns out when they talk about survival of the fittest, the fittest happen to be the hottest, at least when it comes to women. Yes, women are getting sexier and sexier according to research from Markus Jokela from the University of Helsinki. His paper details how over time the females of the species have gotten more and more attractive while men haven’t improved, at least aesthetically, at all. 

The reason for this strange phenomenon is twofold. Apparently, attractive people have more children and those children are most frequently daughters. As a matter of fact, attractive couples are “26% less likely to have sons.” While it’s obvious why attractive people have more kids (they are likely having sex more) what’s strange is the rate at which they have daughters over sons.

However, because attractiveness or physical traits are hereditary, these daughters will continue to pass on the increasingly good looks onto their own daughters.

Where the men are concerned, attractiveness doesn’t always increase the chance that a man will be married or breed. More often than not women seek out men who are able to protect and provide for them. It’s unfortunate for their sons and the attractive women they covet that success isn’t always hereditary. 


To read the research for yourself, check here.


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