Exclusive Interview: The International Flavor of Rayvon

Rayvon has come a long way since banging on pots and pans at six years old. Instead, he’s been banging out chart topping hits with Shaggy ever since 1992. Hailing from Barbados, he was destined to make his way known. After striking a deal with Virgin Records in 1997, he released his debut album Hear Me Cry. He would later continue making hits with Shaggy while putting out his second album, My Bad, in 2002.

Today, he has released a third album self-entitled Rayvon and a new record label company called Get The Cheddar (GTC) Entertainment. When asked about his new album he replied, “There are sixteen banging tracks from start to finish. You not going to be mad…you not going to be disappointed.” Recently, Fever Magazine got the chance to talk with Rayvon about his brand new album and what he’s been up to lately.

Well let’s start by you telling us a little more about yourself?

Well…I know I’m a Reggae-Pop-Hip Hop-R&B artist…songwriter…producer. I’m the CEO of my own label right now. I had two deals before, one on my first album with Virgin Records. The second one was with MCA Universal. Now I’m coming around the block, the third time around on an independent level.

A lot of people have known me from songs I’ve done with Shaggy. Songs like Big Up… Poom Poom Shorts…Nice and Lovely…In the Summertime… Angel…I’ve done every show from Regis to Letterman, Leno, Saturday Night Live and even All My Children. I never thought I would ever get to be on a soap opera. That’s the business, you just never know! You just got to put your hat in the ring and just believe in your talent…the sky is the limit!

You’ve been busy! (Me)

Yeah…I have been quite busy. I just got a break in August of last year. I had to take it down a notch because I had a throat operation. When I was in the hospital, I realize that it was my first break in like about twelve years! It was like I can’t stop…it’s like you’re touring…you’re working…you’re touring…you’re in the studio. I’m just glad I’m still doing it. I was always trying to achieve longevity because it’s a career…and a career is considered longtime. Not just one month or two months…It’s a career!

Being an established artist since the 90’s, what are some of the key lessons you’ve learned throughout these years?

You got to stay dedicated to what you do. You have a core audience that put you out there in the first place. You always trying to get new audiences, but never isolate that audience that put you out there in the first place. If it wasn’t for them, these new audiences wouldn’t even be hearing you. I think you still have to stay true to what you do as an artist but you still have to adapt to all the new situations and the new things that going on.

If you study the history of music, a lot of artists and producers got left out when it was a changing of the guard, was because they didn’t know how to adapt or they couldn’t adapt. When they switched from audio to people started making music videos, if you couldn’t do a good video or you wasn’t marketing it right, then you kind of got left behind. Those people who were more marketable from a visual standpoint, they took the forefront! That’s what you had to do. If you didn’t want to do it, you might have got left out. I learned to adapt.

You have an international flavor on your new album and have toured in many countries. Give us an inside look on your self-entitled album, Rayvon, and explain the creative process you put into it?

Well, my album is one big melting pot! I have artists almost on every song that’s from different parts of the world. The song Back It Up, the first single out, is produced by Beaver Henderson from Trinidad. Another single, One and Only, features two Canadian artists. I have producers from New Jersey, Jamaica, Italy, Austria, New York and England. It flows naturally because each producer brings their element to their particular song or production. The way how it’s laid out on the album, I think it really flows good. There’s singing, rapping, and chanting on there. So the way it’s all mixed up…all the ingredients make one hell of a dish! So far I’m getting good response.

Of all the songs you’ve written, which one stands out as your all-time favorite and why?

I think No Gun No Murder, because I’m a lover of life. I like to have a good time. I like to enjoy life! If you killing people, then there no enjoyment there… I’m a one love type of guy, you know…live and let lived. I’m a peacemaker. I don’t like to make war. It’s a message in there. You enjoying the record, you shaking your head and clapping your feet, but you still listening to something positive at the same time. It’s not everyday that I do songs like that. I think when I do a song like that it makes an impact. I think it’s a good thing. It was a real positive song and people got to party off of it.

Where can we hear more of your music and contact you?

Well… definitely the album is out right now! You can get it on all-leading online sites, whether at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody and non-leading online websites. You can pick it up at your FYE stores if you have one near to you. You can follow me and see what going on 1Rayvon on Twitter. On Facebook, there’s a Rayvon Fan Page. Feel free to join the Fan Page…check it out and leave your comments. Tell me how you like the video, the album or your favorite song. Whatever comment you want to leave, but make sure it’s a nice one, leave me a comment.

If you’re on Myspace, I’m under Rayvon. My company label website, keeping you abreast on what’s going on with Rayvon or any other artist that’s on GTC, is at GetThatCheddar.com. Rayvon.com is coming to you very soon…hopefully by springtime. Concerts coming up, any promo tours or even if I’m shooting a video in your neck of the woods, you will get all that information on any one of them sites.

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