Fans Delighted Seeing Tamar Braxton’s Son Growing Up Fast

Tamar Braxton’s son Logan Vincent Herbert is growing up fast. The TV personality’s fans cannot help but notice and feel happy about this development in their favorite Braxton sister’s life.

You will agree as this week, the 44-year-old Tamar Estine Braxton shared a TikTok video on her official Instagram page with her beloved offspring. In the short video clip, you can see the energetic celebrity mother and her 8-year-old child having fun dancing together.

Tamar’s son looks spirited while dancing with his celebrity Mommy. On Tamar’s Instagram account with the handle @tamarbraxton, the Severn, Maryland native pleased her more than 4.4 million Instagram followers with her dance with her baby, who is literally not a baby anymore when you look at him.

Tamar’s son delighted countless fans that his celebrity Mom’s social media post has already amassed 683,812 Instagram views at the time of writing. Tamar Braxton captioned her social media post, confirming that it is she and her son Logan, adding the latter’s Instagram account handle, “@loganland8.”

Additionally, you can read the singer and TV personality’s Instagram video caption saying they are still attempting to find the beat. Tamar also mentioned that Logan is the funniest child she had ever met.

Finally, she remarked that they had been practicing their dance together for many hours. You can tell that the proud Mommy and Tamar’s son delighted their audiences. One fan commented that they feel like Tamar Braxton just gave birth to him yesterday and affirmed that time surely goes by quickly.

Other pleased netizens praised the duo and confirmed they would also try doing Tamar and Logan’s dance with their sons. You can also find fans saying in the Instagram post’s comment section that they love watching Tamar’s son and his Mommy’s video clip repeatedly.

If you can remember, Tamar gave birth to Logan Vincent Herbert on June 6, 2013. The father of Tamar’s son is Streamline Records founder and record executive, Vincent Herbert.

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