Fans Divided Over David Adefeso’s Concern for Black Men in Jail

As a supporter, you will discover David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail. The 52-year-old entrepreneur took to Instagram this weekend to share his perspective.

When you go to the official social media account of David Adefeso with the handle @david.adefeso, where he has more than 105,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing, you can see a picture of men in orange prison jumpsuits.

Then, you will learn about David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail with the sentences the social media picture he uploaded contains. It read, “There are 1.7 million black men under some form of correctional control today, about twice the 870,000 black men who were enslaved in 1850. Slavery wasn’t abolished, just redesigned.”

David Adefeso captioned his Instagram post, “Facts!” You can tell that David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail means this businessman wants a change in the way these men of color are treated in America’s prisons. 

If you wonder how netizens reacted to the Instagram post about David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail, you will find out that many are split on the issue. One commenter agreed with David Adefeso, saying that the harsh treatment of black men in America’s prisons is a massive dilemma in the country.

This netizen pointed out that the issue of black men getting incarcerated is a generational curse as many of these inmates were raised without father figures. Hence, they usually end up in the streets, lost, and needing proper guidance from important family members.

You will read another comment from a fan supporting David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail. They cited that citizens must help the youth by providing them with good education, protection, skills-training against police brutality, and keeping them away from drugs. 

This fan said they should try their best to save the male black youth’s future. On the other hand, you will also find netizens disagreeing with the social media post featuring David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail.

One of them remarked that some of these imprisoned black men deserve to serve jail time. After all, these criminals committed murder, battered their girlfriends, burglarized or robbed private places, and threatened and stalked their victims. 

You will find one commenter as harsh for advising David Adefeso to return to his country of origin, which is Nigeria since this netizen thinks the businessman is not happy with how black inmates are treated in the United States.

Finally, you will find other disagreeing netizens saying that African-Americans are racist towards their own black brothers from Africa. 

One commenter who does not agree with the social media post showing David Adefeso’s concern for black men in jail said that black people themselves hate one another.

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