Fans Love Erica Mena’s Motivating Message to Mothers

You can read Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers this week which she shared on social media. Erica Mena’s official Twitter account with the handle @iamErica_Mena features her more than 776,400 Twitter followers at the time of writing.

You can tell that many of these social media fans can relate to Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers. According to the mother of three children, there is no selecting what days Mommies want to be hands-on or not with their children.

Erica Jasmin Mena said that mothers are 24/7 or around the clock. You can also read from her latest Twitter post that they Moms deserve all the praises in the world, especially mothers who also “hold it down financially.”

Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers ended with Safaree Samuels’s estranged wife saying that mothers are the “real Kings in this life.” You can tell that many fans loved this tweet that the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star posted on her official Twitter account yesterday morning, Monday, December 6.

One fan commented that Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers is very true. This Twitter follower described herself as a proud Mom of five children who started her motherhood journey at the tender age of 17 years young.

Moreover, you can read from this netizen that she does not receive child support from her ex-husband, although she has two degrees and works two to three jobs to support her offspring. This fan also said that she falls in life but gets back up.

She loves Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers, saying that other people will never understand this typical nature of dedicated Mommies. You will also find another commenter saying that women have unmatched supernatural strength and endurance that deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged.

This netizen said that men should also be celebrated for being “real kings,” holding it down for their families and being patient, loving, and dedicated to being a provider and a good example. 

Being a parent is, indeed, not a walk in the park. You can tell that reading Erica Mena’s motivating message to mothers this week greatly helps mothers and fathers.

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