Fans Pray for Healing, Long Life for Kelis’s Husband with Cancer

You may feel astonished, but the news is true that Mike Mora, Kelis’s husband with stomach cancer, has less than two years to live. With this devastating update, fans have expressed their love and prayers for the singer and her husband, who is currently a photographer.

According to the latest Instagram post of The Shade Room, Mike Mora broke the hearts of many of his and his wife’s supporters lately. The photographer revealed the terrible medical diagnosis his doctor had issued.

In a series of Instagram posts this week, Kelis’s husband with stomach cancer confirmed that his physician detected his stage four stomach cancer just in time. Mike shared that his serious disease’s symptoms started last year.

He relayed to his supporters that he suffered from the most excruciating pain in his stomach. Kelis’s husband with stomach cancer said that his critical ailment made him experience pain in his back as well.

You will learn that Mike Mora, who has been married to Kelis since 2014, experienced a loss of appetite. With these tell-tale signs of stomach cancer, the husband of the “Milkshake” singer said that he then decided to do something about his disease, which proved to be a life-saving step. ​

You will certainly find this news distressing as Mike confirmed his doctors’ cancer diagnosis of himself having the most advanced form of stomach cancer. What will make you feel more shattered is the revelation about Kelis’s husband with stomach cancer that he merely has 18 months to live.

Fans also share the same dismal sentiment. According to the comments section of The Shade Room’s post, some netizens affirmed that the true wealth in this world is good health.

They advised Mike Mora and Kelis’s fans not to ignore symptoms and get screenings if they feel something is not right in their bodies. Many fans also commented that the current situation of Kelis’s husband with stomach cancer is the most terrifying as it is about learning how long he can live in this world and knowing when he will pass away.

Finally, you can read many fans sympathizing with Mike Mora. They inundated him with prayers, asking God for his healing and to prolong his life.

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