Fans Put Up Billboard Near Disney Asking the Board to Re-Hire James Gunn for Guardians of Galaxy Vol 3

The fans of Guardians of Galaxy proved how much they are in love with its creator by putting up a billboard near Disneyland. Director of the movies Guardians of Galaxy 1 & 2, James Gunn was lately in the news when Disney fired him for some old mean tweets that he made a year back.

Gunn’s fans launched a campaign and have been raising money since September 20 to put up billboards backing Gunn. The first billboard has already gone up in Garden Grove, California which is about four miles from Disneyland, Anaheim.

The billboard flashes – “Save the Galaxy James Gunn for VOl.3” and also has the website which has been set up for crowdfunding

The fans have paid $4,000 for the billboard and are looking forward to putting up more such billboards around the Disneyland area before the Holiday Season.

Even Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt who were cast by Gunn for the movies signed an open letter requesting Disney to reconsider their decision on firing Gunn. However, Disney CEO Bob Igner along with the other executives didn’t respond to their request.

One of the fans Giuseppe Cincinnato who is actively involved in this project says the billboards may not be able to change the minds of the executive, but they definitely will help lift Gunn’s spirit.

Kevin Feige who is the head of Marvel Studios had earlier confirmed that the making of Guardians of Galaxy 3 was delayed because of Gunn’s exit from the position of a director. The movie was due to be premiered in 2020. He had mentioned about it in a special screening of Black Panther in the month of October.

Marvel’s rival DC has lately approached James Gunn to direct the sequel for Suicide Squad. Gunn however, hasn’t yet responded to his fans actions.

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