Fans Thrilled Seeing Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong Pic

If you watched “Dancing with the Stars” early this week, you must have seen Kenya Moore make her debut. Last Monday, September 20, the 50-year-old “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star took to the dance floor with Brandon Armstrong, her dancing partner.

You can tell that this must be the reason behind the latest Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic you see in Kenya’s official Instagram account with the handle @thekenyamoore. You bet it is.

During the dance competition TV series’ airing, Kenya and Brandon danced the foxtrot with Doja Cat and SZA’s song “Kiss Me More.” The pair did not disappoint those who rooted for them.

After all, they earned accolades from the judges and a score of 26. Now you may wonder about the motivation behind the Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic, which the “The Celebrity Apprentice 7” cast member enthusiastically shared with her more than 2.1 million Instagram followers.

First of all, supportive netizens said that they appreciated the duo’s dance performance and chemistry together, per the comments on the social media snap that has already raked in 49,416 Instagram likes at the time of writing. These commenters of the Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic also expressed their backing for the pair in their next appearance in “Dancing with the Stars.”

Based on Kenya Moore’s written caption, she praised Brandon Armstrong for his performance with her in the dance competition. Kenya Summer Moore affirmed that her dancing partner embodies what she believes “Prince Charming” would be.

The celebrity Instagram account holder who eagerly shared the Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic also praised her “Dancing with the Stars” dancing partner, saying he is both a good dancer and a great individual.

Kenya expressed her happiness for having a friend for life in the persona of Brandon. She also confirmed that their chemistry is quite powerful.

In the Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic’s caption, you can also tell that the multi-talented celebrity, who is an actress, TV personality, entrepreneur, model, producer, and author, affirmed her excitement, too. Kenya cited that she could not wait to walk into the studio to view Brandon’s face daily.

Finally, Kenya Moore’s Instagram pic with her “Dancing with the Stars” dancing partner features the thrilled contestant remarking that the bar had been set when it comes to her forthcoming love interest.

Kenya said that possible romantic partners would have to meet her “Brandons” first before she would even consider them worthy for her. You can tell that the Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong pic pleased the dancing duo’s fans and boosted the pair’s chances of winning in “Dancing with the Stars.”

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