Fans Will Get More of David Adefeso’s Live Videos on Instagram

Fans who enjoyed David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram will continue to get more of these interactive clips soon. The entrepreneur confirmed this news on his official Instagram account with the handle @david.adefeso.

You can learn more from the debt-free education advocate if you are among David’s more than 106,000 Instagram followers. David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram features the businessman discussing various topics.

In the third video he posted this week, titled “Sunday’s Live: Part 3 (Final),” you will learn from its caption that David is grateful for his Instagram followers who joined his live session. Plus, he told his fans like you that he received many queries over the past few weeks and months.

David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram are necessary, per the entrepreneur, because he believes he needs more time to reply to the fan questions. He confirmed in his video that he would share clips every now and then to answer as many questions as possible.

You must be among the many Instagram followers who relished David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram. Besides his countless fans hailing from as far as London and Sri Lanka, the businessman himself also affirmed that he is enjoying this activity.

In the third video, 51-year-old David Adeyemi Adefeso went over various fan queries and messages. Some of them asked him out on a date, if he would return to YouTube, speaking engagements, and so forth.

Additionally, you will learn more from David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram as he confirmed that he aims to transmit knowledge to educate people and help them grow and prosper. David’s impromptu live video also featured the chief executive officer and co-founder of US student debt mobile technology platform Sootchy saying he is a lifelong learner, as he responded to a fan question about how he became very intelligent.

You can surely learn more from David Adefeso’s live videos on Instagram and be inspired. As you know, he hailed from Lagos, Nigeria.

At 21 years young, David migrated alone to the United States with only US$250 cash in hand. At first, he did not have a place to live, a job, or friends in his new country.

What David possessed then were only his big dreams to prosper and succeed. He initially started working as an accountant in Los Angeles, California, assisting in making reviews and financial statements for government and corporate clients.

After obtaining his master’s degree in business administration, David Adefeso began to build up his career in Wall Street as an investment banker for Wasserstein Perella and Solomon Brothers. The Harvard University-educated David Adefeso became a multi-millionaire at 32 years old.

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