FBI’s Warning to Jay-Z: “Imminent Hack” on Rapper’s E-mail Possible

The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI has warned Jay-Z that an imminent hacking of his e-mail account is possible. Therefore, the rapper was urged to wipe his e-mail account clean.

You may feel concerned when you read this latest news about the FBI’s warning to Jay-Z. After all, as a fan, you relish the New York icon’s cool rap music and collaborations with other prominent rap stars.

You also appreciate Jay-Z, who is also a songwriter, record executive, businessman, media proprietor, and record producer, for his wholesome celebrity image as a doting father of his three children and the beloved other half of famous “Diva” singer Beyoncé. 

Nevertheless, the FBI’s warning to Jay-Z is a reality. Now, you may wonder who is trying to gain access to Jay-Z’s personal e-mail account and why.

The FBI’s warning to Jay-Z reportedly comes on the heels of Shawn Corey Carter’s recent testimony in Manhattan Supreme Court. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder denied Parlux Fragrances’ allegations. 

The latter claimed that Jay-Z did not fulfill his business contract with the firm. Additionally, Parlux Fragrances said that the 51-year-old New York City native failed to promote his Gold Jay-Z cologne properly back in 2013.

Former Parlux chief executive officer Donald Loftus has refused to testify in person. Meanwhile, Jay-Z reportedly tapped the service of an ex-police officer to probe Loftus.

The Carter Administration also noted that he had problems with Parlux’s lead attorney, Anthony Viola. He claimed that the legal counsel constantly played “lawyer tricks” during his cross-examination in court.

Moreover, Jay-Z said that he always had problems with the lazy work quality coming from Parlux Fragrances. At the time of writing, media outlets reporting about the FBI’s warning to Jay-Z have mentioned these legal proceedings.

You can tell that the FBI’s warning to Jay-Z is spurred by the United States’ principal federal law enforcement agency’s belief that someone is after the record executive’s sensitive data.

Last update was on: May 1, 2023 7:16 pm

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