FCC Taking Cell Providers to Task Over Enormous Surprise Bills

Well, this should delight anybody who has a cell phone and likes to have money (i.e., most everybody). According to The New York Times, the Federal Communications Commission has apparently outlined a plan that would require cell phone providers to warn us of the wacky charges they’re piling on us when we unwittingly exceed our plans.

The plan was spearheaded by the FCC’s chief of Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau Joel Gurin, who has referred to these steep, unforeseen charges as “bill shock.” Over the years, Gurin and his colleagues have heard myriad grievances about this sketchy practice from cell phone subscribers, and have finally figured they ought to do something about it. At present, the FCC is trying to gauge public opinion on “bill shock,” so do your civic duty by visiting www.fcc.gov, and giving Ma Bell a piece of your mind. [From: New York Times]

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