Featuring the Biggest Hollywood Transformations of 2017

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The beginning of the year is usually the time for the infinite changes, but some stars already did their Hollywood transformations and reveal seven before 2017 ends.

Among the biggest Hollywood transformations is the famous and controversial Mama June shedding several dress sizes and the brand-new album and career from Taylor Swift. Both reveals had quite an impact to those who are fans of the two,and it’s not a shock to know why. They have embraced this year as a chance to break out from wherever they are under or hiding.

When it comes to reveals from the stars this 2017, Aaron Carter did his by sharing his sexuality with the public. This year is also quite challenging for Selena Gomez who faced a serious health battle in private and fortunately overcame it with her best friend by her side. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian took the whole year of 2017 as a chance to regain control over her life after a somewhat threatening event in 2016.

In Janet Jackson’s world, two of her Hollywood transformations include setting foot on motherhood and back to the stage after splitting with her husband.

Now that this year is ending, it is always a pleasant tribute to look back to the meaningful and transformative events of the past months. Whether it’s good or bad, change always happens,and it will continue to happen until next year.

Selena Gomez, 25, faces a variety of changes in 2017. That includes her hair color and styles being altered due to her health. The songstress kept quite a low profile this year despite releasing a single from spring through summer.

Featuring the Biggest Hollywood Transformations of 2017

In September, fans were shocked when she revealed she had undergone a kidney transplant, which was the reason why she was consistently absent from the spotlight. After that, she split with The Weeknd and then rekindled her relationship with former beau Justin Bieber. All of that happened while she was also debuting her new music. She also performed at the American Music Awards with a latest bleached hair.

The reality star Mama June also shocked her loyal fans when she came out stripped off to a size four. Her weight loss journey, including some painful surgeries,was shared on her Mama June: From Not to Hot TV series on WE. She revealed the results during the season finale of the show. She has maintained her size until now and is flaunting it proudly.

For former child star Aaron Carter, 2017 has been kind of a whirlwind. There were run-ins with the law, some physical changes, and even personal revelations. In July, he was arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana and other drug-related objects.

A month after that, Carter revealed about him being bisexual through an open letter addressed to his fans. Soon after that, he called it quits with his girlfriend,Madison Parker. In September, Carter checked himself into a facility,and after his exit, the child star seemed to be better-looking and focused on music.

The superstar Taylor Swift also made a big reveal just as 2017 is ending. The announce the old Taylor is dead. While the star is surely alive and kicking, Swift also features some significant transformation in releasing her 6th studio album Reputation.

2018 is coming soon and only time will tell what next year has in store for these stars. But, it is clear that they have started their own Hollywood transformations rather early.

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