Fire Emblem Heroes – Reviewing its Latest Updates


Fire Emblem Heroes is growing, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. From the need to always get copies of Takumi and Hector to the present day, where you can get other characters who can easily demolish those two, FEH offers more enjoyable features than before. Gone are the days where you need specific high-tiered characters to be powerful. With the many features the game introduced throughout the years, it’s more enjoyable to build heroes of your choice that can be as powerful as the others!

To refresh, Fire Emblem Heroes is actually released back in 2017, where it features characters from all of its main game series. The turn-based roleplaying game integrated its chess-like features to a much friendlier interface that’s easy for everyone, even new players, to play. It’s one of the easiest Gacha Games to play without having to pay much.

  • The Best New Features from The Latest Update – Fire Emblem Heroes is not as barren as before. Back then, you just gather orbs; hopefully, summon your fave hero and build them later if your resource permits it. While several players still do that now, there are many features to check out that extend it.
    • Feeding Your Heroes Mangoes – Summoning Grail Heroes is frustrating sometimes. Not only do they cost you grails, but they also come in neutral. They don’t have any boons or banes, and that someone makes them underwhelming compared to the summonable heroes from the usual pool.


  • Now though, you can change that! By feeding your heroes with enough mangoes called Trait Fruits, you can nominate any boon and bane of your choice to upgrade them. They’re not exactly mangoes, but they do look like one! Remember, with enough merges, you can also cancel any bane, so your heroes will have their forever boon of your choice.


  • Free Monthly Combat Manuals – Fire Emblem Heroes, also introduced a new collectible item called Divine Codes. You can stack up on these divine codes and get a combat manual of your choice! These combat manuals come with rare skills as well so if you do get one, remember to use them wisely.
  • Additionally, some of these combat manuals are only available for a certain time. To get them, all you have to do is keep playing, and you’ll receive Divine Codes specifically for that timeframe. Once you get enough, you’ll get to enjoy a copy of the hero of your choice that you can upgrade, fodder and merge if you have another copy sitting around.


  • The Pawns of Loki – You’ve been hearing it a lot. Fire Emblem is just a sexy roleplaying chess game. While that’s actually true with the tremendous amount of waifus and a couple of handsome muscular men, there’s actually now a mode where they’re literally chess pieces! The Pawns of Loki is similar to League of Legend’s TFT, except for the part of the item. You gather as many copies of your hero and watch it level up the more you get. You’ll be battling real players, too, so make sure your pawns, a.k.a heroes, are the best ones before you even begin one.


  • The Few Down Steps it Had to Take – With the growing amount of players, there are a couple things that made older players disappointed. Before, it was hailed as one of the best free-to-play games, but recently, it’s kind of hard to believe that.
    • The Monthly FEH Pass – In one of its recent features, FEH upgraded the game with plenty of features. You can now get skins for some of the heroes, use divine pulse to return to the previous turn and automate multi-map battles. However, all these are not free. You have to pay USD 10 a month to actually enjoy these new updates.


  • The Abundance of Whales – There are several PVP modes in Heroes. In Aether Raids, you can build your own map for anyone to challenge. You can also battle players in the Arena in its straightforward battle feature. And like the one mentioned above, The Pawns of Loki and a PVP mode to play. If you think you’re doing a good job in these modes, wait until you encounter a whale.


A whale is basically a player who spent a lot of money to fully maximize a specific hero. Encountering one makes it extremely hard to win, and if you’re not experienced enough, you’ll lose. Best way to counter a whale? Invest in a hero and slap a bunch of premium skills to match one. Basically, be one as well if you can.


  • Massive Roster, Character Negligence – If you amass all characters from the fire emblem series, you’ll be surprised to see it almost exceed a thousand. FEH is slowly reaching that huge number as it releases monthly new heroes to add to the roster. Unfortunately, this means that it’s gonna be harder for some to pull for their characters, especially if they’re in the summoning pool.

Additionally, some of the older characters and seasonal variants aren’t as viable as the new ones. It seems like Intelligent Systems isn’t interested in updating them soon, too. While some do get a monthly refine that helps them, older seasonal variants suffer more. There’s only one spot in that monthly update, and if that hero is not that famous, it will take much more of a long while to see them get better treatment.

 Conclusion – Regardless of these blatant cash grabs, Fire Emblem Heroes is still fun to play even if you choose to not pay for anything. Yes, paying is optional, and you can still optimize a team without spending much. You don’t even have to play all the main series games to enjoy. With over 600 characters, it’ll be a hassle to get to know them one by one. With what it has to offer, there’s always something new to find and play with.

FEH is just one of the all-star side games of the series. Unlike others, though, this spin-off never flopped, and it continuously updates everything every month. You can tell that the developers never neglect the game and even compensates if any error comes. Fire Emblem Heroes is worth the try, and if you’re looking for a gacha game that is friendly and fun, this game is perfect.

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