Fonsi’s Song Despacito Created History By Touching Six Billion Views

The Despacito song, sung by two Latin singers, Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi has created a historical record on their YouTube channel. Reportedly, the song has got more than six billion viewers who had seen the video on YouTube. Though the signers had released the song back in starting of 2017, still the song is the first choice for party people.

Officially on February 24, 2019, the song crossed six billion viewers benchmark; another song which is closer to that mark is Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You which was viewed by 4.09 billion viewers. Another song which is closer to attain six billion mark is See You Again sung by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth with 4.02 billion views. The song was officially sung for the movie franchise Fast and the Furious. The song further gained popularity during the Grammy nominations where the video was viewed for about 25.7 million average views in a day.

Despacito song

According to Billboard, the song is been played for about 2.8 million times per day since the Grammies in 2017. Billboard is an American, entertainment reporting company which provides indexing of songs of different genres.

On the contrary, the remix of Despacito featuring Justin Bieber is also showing its charm on the Billboard. Before the Christmas, the song was nominated as one of the hottest Latin songs and it managed to retain its third place even after long, 109 weeks journey. Contrary to Despacito, Romeo Santos’s Propuesta Indecente holds the title for one of the hottest Latin songs. Propuesta Indecente stayed for about 125 weeks on the Billboard.

According to one of the news agency, Fonsi’s performance of the Despicato at one of the Venezuelan concert may have given an additional boost. Fonsi also has a couple of other brilliant songs under his sleeve, one such gem is Echame La Culpa, alongside the beautiful Demi Lovato. This song has also touched 1 billion views.

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