Former WWE Star, Natalie Eva Marie Struggles With Alcoholism

NEW YORK, NY – The 33-year-old, former professional wrestler, Eva Marie, now Total Divas’ star, Natalie Eva Marie, shared in In Style Magazine last Wednesday how being an alcoholic has ruined her life. The actress’ life has been a series of mess and disorder before her success in the television.

In her confession, Eva Marie discussed how she had relapsed, hurt her family, and destroyed others’ relationship. She has served in jail for three months because of repeated DUIs (driving under influence), with no license. She had no stable job and had an apartment she could only afford because of the landlord’s discount. She had caused disappointment to herself many times.

The California-native, fitness model, has been sober for five years. But according to the actress, being sober does not mean being cured. It does not mean that she can have a go for a few drinks or drink in moderation.

She added that a problem does not “magically” disappear once you are in a program. Hence, her recovery comes after the recognition that she needed help. And accepting the truth that she is an alcoholic has saved her.

Natalie Eva Marie started a 12-step program and attended 6-A.M. meetings couple times a week to beat alcoholism which she considered a disease.  She said that either one is alcoholic or not.

Former WWE Star, Natalie Eva Marie Struggles With Alcoholism

She left the WWE arena in August 2017 with only good thoughts about the company. Being out of the wrestling stage, Eva Marie pulled off her flaming, red hair gimmick. Natalie Eva Marie was one of Total Divas’ main casts. She was part of the show from seasons 1 to 6. The diva also appeared in the 2017 summer movie, Inconceivable, with Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon.

Meanwhile, having a Business Management degree, Eva Marie expanded her brand like NEM Fashion Line and NEM Foundation. She also has countless lifestyle-product endorsements all over the social media.

Now goal-oriented, Eva Marie chose to focus on her treatment instead of the “why’s” that often lead to blaming other people. She aims to achieve a “healthy, fulfilling, and productive life” and have a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.

With a career in the entertainment world and growing businesses and living in a beautiful home with her husband, Jonathan Coyle, Eva Marie is still alcoholic. The fashion designer is now living a life she could only dream of having. But in her essay, she wrote how one drinks could easily shatter the life she has now.

As she continues to attend her weekly meetings, she is also eyeing for women to sponsor. The recovery process is time-consuming, but it’s the best change Eva Marie had made in her life.

The actress inspired those who are starting the program to stick with it. Relapse will come from time to time, and there will be extreme high and low moments. In her written essay, she encouraged others like her to keep pushing forward and not quit even though it gets hard. Natalie Eva Marie also assured that the result is worth it.

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