Frankie Grande Shares Details on Sister Ariana Grande’s Wedding

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Ariana Grande’s equally famous brother, Frankie Grande, gushes over the details on her intimate wedding with Dalton Gomez.

As most fans know, the world-famous singer recently tied the knot with her real estate agent now-husband Dalton Gomez. Unfortunately, their romance was a bit of an enigma, and fans only knew of the wedding after it had happened. It was an intimate wedding, and not many details are out, but Frankie Grande is here to share some information about the sweet day.

Frankie was interviewing with Hollywood Life for his upcoming ‘Rainbowthon’ Pride fundraiser. However, he also shared some intimate details about his sister’s special wedding, and fans couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

Frankie shared that Ariana and Dalton’s wedding was incredibly beautiful. According to him, the celebration was gorgeous, and everybody was thrilled. He also said that it made him incredibly happy to be there and witness everything. Frankie also dished on how Ariana looked gorgeous and how the ceremony went beautifully. It was a perfect evening of celebration, he said.

Frankie Grande also opened up on his sister’s new husband. He called Dalton the best, saying that he loves him. Frankie also shares that Dalton is now undoubtedly part of the Grande clan and their family.

He stressed that the more, the merrier, and Dalton seems to be a great addition to their family. Frankie also opened up about loving having another brother to level up his sibling roster.

Meanwhile, Frankie Grande also shared everything about what the community can expect about the Rainbowthon fundraiser this year. After raising around $54 thousand last year, the virtual fundraiser even will go all-out fun this year. June will be Pride month, and according to Frankie, it’s the best time and the perfect way to kick off the ‘very campy’ fundraiser event. He also took the chance to tease everyone about the surprise appearances for the event but didn’t name-drop anybody.

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