From “Big Bang Theory” to No-Hand Workouts: Cuoco’s Controversial Fitness Journey

The actress unveiled a distinctive “hand-free exercise” crafted by her personal trainer to aid in her wrist recovery.

Kaley Cuoco cherishes motherhood with her young daughter Matilda and frequently displays their moments together on social media. The 37-year-old protagonist of “Based on a True Story” admits to experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms as a result of cradling her baby. Thus, she’s ventured into alternative fitness methods, as revealed in footage on the social platform of her instructor, Ryan Sorenson. Cuoco relayed her wrist concerns to her followers, urging them to research it, all while donning wrist supports and demonstrating a soothing gesture for her baby at a fitness center.

The Mayo Clinic describes carpal tunnel syndrome as initial sensations of numbness or prickling in one’s fingers or hand. This ailment results from undue stress on the median nerve that bridges the forearm to the hand. Often thought to be linked to regular computer activity, persistent wrist movements can be a culprit as well.

Cuoco suggested that modifying her routine to exclude hand usage might be beneficial. Her trainer’s perspective highlighted a shift towards exercises focusing on her lower body and core muscles. With unwavering determination, Cuoco aimed to demonstrate that limitations don’t hinder achieving a solid workout.

Accompanied by the rhythm of Eminem’s 2002 hit, “Business”, Cuoco displayed a sequence of her adapted workouts. She embarked on her regimen with ankle-bound resistance bands and retained them throughout various step maneuvers. The notable face from “Big Bang Theory” transitioned outdoors, engaging in dexterity drills on a driveway course, navigating between orange hexagonal markers.

Additionally, Cuoco innovated by engaging with the Pilates reformer without hand dependency and subsequently revisited step routines, this time with a waist-bound resistance band. She was also seen energetically running on a treadmill and later adopting core-focused exercises utilizing a substantial yoga ball. Even during her brief boxing engagement, she refrained from handling any weighty equipment, persistently donning her protective wrist supports.

Should carpal tunnel prove resistant to conventional therapies, which encompass intervals of rest, wrist supports, and medications ranging from anti-inflammatory to specific shots, surgical intervention might be suggested by the Mayo Clinic. Concluding her session, a perspiring Cuoco energetically showcased her hands, signifying that determination transcends limitations. Her final sentiment? Persistent efforts defy all challenges.

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