Game Recognize Game: Nine Reasons LeBron Should Enter Dunk Contest

Vibe Reports:

Word on the street is LeBron James may have finally been cajoled and prodded enough to take part in his first NBA All-Star Weekend dunk contest down in Dallas in just a few short weeks. Let us all, hoop fans everywhere, bow our heads in hope and trust those rumors indeed come to ring true. But just in case The King may still be wavering a bit, we here at have nine reasons why he should be feel so inclined just might be enough to spur him to action…

⑨ It’ll keep the Nike balance sheets upright. And with all the recent Tiger Woods hoopla, Swoosh execs might be in need of a little good news.

⑧ It would save the fans from having to sit through another over-hyped, anti-climatic Nate Robinson final round.

⑦ A showing of The King’s may be the only thing regal enough to entice Vince Carter into a last stand.

⑥ Was that a Michael Jordan sighting? If MJ’s one of the judges–as poetic justice surely suggests he should be–he has to actually show his face, right?

⑤ For once we’d get to see LBJ free to wheel and deal, and not handcuffed by Mike Brown’s stagnant and prohibitive offense.

④ Can you imagine the lyrics Jay-Z could record to pay homage?

③ It’s a rites of passage. Dr. J, His Airness, Dominique, VC and Kobe have all respected the pledge you’ve got to give the people what they want. King, or no King, LeBron is obligated to do the same.

② Wouldn’t you love to see Shaq throwing the alley to LeBron’s oops once the teammate assisted portion of the comp rolls around?

① He who wears the crown makes the rules. Which translates to mean come victory, The King gets to strut and dance all he wants. –Glenn Minnis

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