Ginuwine – Back II Da Basics

Back II Da Basics Ginuwine’s fifth album is phenomenal! With one of the producer’s being, “Jazze Pha”. In completing an interview with what female fans call, the “Sexy Artist”, and what male fans call “the love makin’ music”, Ginuwine has done it again! The album “Back II Da Basics” is somethin’ else! In an interview with Ginuwine, the following was noted:

Fever: In your opinion, how is your Back II Da Basics album different from your other albums, such as “The Senior” and “The Life”?

Ginuwine: “This ablum was some of my best work but it just did not reach the people. I had one luke warm single with when we make love and one single that did not get any push! So this is the major difference from this ablum from my last two.”

Fever: What is your favorite track on the Back II Da Basics album? Why?

Ginuwine: “. My favorite song on this ablum has to be I’m in love! I also like ‘Want You to Be’ and Glaze in My Eyes.”

Fever: What do you want your fans to remember about the “Back II Da Basics album?
Ginuwine: “What I want my fans to remember about this ablum is that it’s some of my best work that did not get promoted well.”

So, fans, you know what that means…step it up and support Ginuwine! Get the album and keep the fire burning with some of Ginuwine’s music like it’s always been!!! Furthermore, Ginuwine is definitely also looking to higher heights and be on the look out for his new album!!! Also, if you wanna check out the latest on Ginuwine, he’s on MYSPACE too, so go see him at
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