NBC’S Good Girls is coming back around with their 4.8 ratings for their third season, this time around with a Texas Hottie known other than Megan Thee Stallion.

This comedy absorbed drama is evolved around three moms (Beth, Annie, and Ruby) who become bored of trying to make a respectable living. They agree on robbing a nearby grocery store, in which the women would be in for a surprise after the store’s manager catches a peek of one of them, making it harsher for the ladies to tuck away their secrets.

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Season 2 left viewers in an anxious state, after Beth (Christina Hendricks) chose to shoot Rio (Manny Montana) instead of shooting, Det. Turner (James Lesure). However, there’s a chance that Rio isn’t dead after all and will be operating in cahoots with Det. Turner to convict on her attempted murder.

Screenwriter, Jenna Bans told TVLine that there will be a new character appearing in season three. Being that Beth’s plan requires someone else. “Annie, Beth and Ruby will definitely need and seek out the expertise of a graphic designer.” She might also be a suburban mom with a questionable background and has no interest in being a ‘good’ girl,” Bans says. Could the person Bans is referring to not be a “good girl” but a “hot girl?” We will have to see in season three’s premiere of Good Girls on Sunday, February 16th, 10/9c.

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