Green Gadget: Sun and Moon Jars

Jams jars store jam. Sun jars store sunshine. Makes sense. But how does it work? Magic? Perhaps like Shrek the makers imprisoned a fairy inside? Well not quite, but that doesn’t stop the Sun Jars from being two of the most innovative glow lights around and it’s not hard to see why the sun Jar has already scooped the Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award. Plus, no fairies were unduly harmed.

Under the lid you’ll find a solar power cell which recharges the battery from daylight and lights up at night. The frosted surfaces of the Sun Jar then diffuses the light which produces a natural orange glow similar to that of a candle. The result is a beautiful night light which radiates from the frosted jar, and best of all, doesn’t cost you a penny!

Once charged, the Sun Jars emit up to 5 hours of light and comes on automatically when it gets dark unless the battery is switch off. Thanks to a waterproof seal, Sun Jar can even be used outdoors, making it an ideal companion for bbqs and camping trips this summer. Order your Sun Jar today!


Sun Jar


Moon Jar



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