Grey’s Anatomy Creator Finally Agrees To Release Katherine Heigl From Her Contract

Finally!!! ABCs Grey’s Anatomy is finally going to let Dr. Izzie Stevens check out! Literally!

Entertainment Weekly reported on Wednesday that the shows creator Shonda Rimes, has agreed to let Heigl out of her contract but there are still a few exiting agreements that need to be haggled out.

It has been long reported that Heigl had been trying to get out of her contract with the show because of “creative differences” and now, she just may be getting what she wants.

Heigl has been on leave from the hit show while she tended to her film career as well as her newly- adopted daughter, Naleigh, but was scheduled to resume shooting episodes March 1. reports the actress never appeared at the studio on or after that date , and she may end up not shooting any additional episodes. An ABC rep declined to comment.

Heigl has had a tense relationship with Rimes over the last few years and the tension has been increasingly growing ever since Heigl pulled herself out of the running for the Emmys in 2008 stating that she wasn’t given any “material…to warrant a nomination.” Well isn’t that a slap in the face to the staff at Grey’s? I wouldn’t want her around either!

Just last summer, she told David Letterman that the “17-hour work day” on the show was “cruel and mean.” Hmmm… I’m sure there are other actresses in the industry that would love those 17-hour work days. Wouldn’t you think that it would be hard for her to gain the trust of other networks or producers with her complaining about the work schedule? The show is a hit! No one else on Grey’s is complaining!

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