“Harold and Kumar” Star Gets Candid, Opens Up in Memoir


If you love the “Harold and Kumar” movie series, you must have missed one of its lead stars, Kal Penn. You may be wondering how he is now after all these years.

This week, news surfaced about the “Harold and Kumar” actor, who played Kumar Patel in the movie series. Kalpen Suresh Modi, which is Kal’s real name, is engaged to his boyfriend of 11 years.

You will feel pleased with this milestone in Kal Penn’s life. But there is more that you need to know. The “Harold and Kumar” thespian, who served for former President Barack Obama’s administration for two years, is releasing his memoir titled “You Can’t Be Serious.” 

You may know Kal Penn on the surface, his career, and other superficial things about him. Nevertheless, you can discover more about this “Harold and Kumar” actor when you learn about his statement lately, consisting of his book’s description.

Kal Penn relayed that he had always been quite public with people he personally interacted with, including those he met at a bar, if he and his partner Josh are out, and when talking to friends. He affirmed that he feels tremendously thrilled to share his relationship with Josh with his readers.

You may wonder when Kal and Josh will get married, but that information is yet to be disclosed. The “Harold and Kumar” film star shared that his book about himself consists of his work life in the US Government and Hollywood, his love life and how he met his lifetime partner, and his parents.

Kal cited that he was willing to share tales about his mother and father’s upbringing. He confirmed that the most important thing for himself is his story being authentic from his viewpoint and told in a manner that makes his readers feel like they truly get to know him.

As you can see, there is more to Kal Penn than meets the eye. The 44-year-old Montclair, New Jersey native wants his fans like you to get to know him well, which you surely would want to, for he is engaging in the “Harold and Kumar” film series and more so in real life.

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