HP Joins the Multitouch Movement With Their Computers

If you haven’t seen the new HP commercials for their new multitouch computers here is a peek and some stats. A trio of HP TouchSmart PCs alongside the company’s very first 42″ high-definition digital signage touch display known as the HP LD4200tm. The new HP TouchSmart PC range will comprise of various screen sizes that range from 20″ to 23″ in the form of the HP TouchSmart 300 and HP TouchSmart 600. Both models will come in a sleek, award-winning design which can come with either a stunning HD-capable or HD widescreen display with a multitouch enabled screen.

The multitouch display is very similar to other multitouch products currently on the market. The controls are like an iPhones in it’s iterations, where one is able to pinch, rotate, arc, flip, press or drag a finger across the screen of the PC in order to access information, entertainment and social networks in a natural and intuitive way. A benefit is you can still navigate through standard circumstances that rely on a wireless keyboard and mouse.

You will be able to take advantage of the new swivel stand and tilt webcam that increases the user’s ability to share and collaborate around the HP TouchSmart when engaged in a video call, where you can work without having to worry about polluting the environment thanks to compliance with ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements. Apart from that, selected models of the HP TouchSmart 600 will connect easily to gaming consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation and Wii, via HDMI or composite video ports. Interested in any of them? The HP TouchSmart 300, HP TouchSmart 600, HP TouchSmart tx2 and HP TouchSmart 9100 will start from $899, $1,049, $799 and $1,299, respectively.

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