Iggy Azalea’s Message to Single Parents for Holidays: You Got This

If you are a single mother or a single father, you may be able to relate well with Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents this holiday season. You can check out her latest statement on her official Twitter account with the handle @IGGYAZALEA.

Last Saturday evening, December 4, the mother of one son posted a Twitter message for her more than 7.6 million social media followers to read. Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents began with the 31-year-old Australian rapper telling all the single Moms and single Dads that she is sending them love this holiday season.

Iggy Azalea remarked in her social media post that she understands how stressful it is for single parents to attempt to make life perfect for their families during this time of the year. She said that sadness usually strikes these single mothers and single fathers for not having a traditional family unit.

If you are among these single parents, you may find Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents motivating. After all, Amethyst Amelia Kelly told her fans, “you got this,” and that what they bring to the table is sufficient. 

Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents ended with a sparkling heart emoji. This rapper’s motivating social media post has already raked in 3,290 Twitter likes at the time of writing.

You can tell that many fans found Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents truly relatable. Some commenters described her statement as very heartfelt and that they appreciated it for being words of positivity this Christmas season.

Many netizens also described single mothers’ emotions as unparalleled. They offered prayers for these struggling parents who have absentee partners.

You can also read many supporters who reacted to Iggy Azalea’s message to single parents defending single Moms and single Dads. They remarked that many of these mothers and fathers merely wanted to make a family unit and did all their best to have it.

In a June 2020 Billboard article, you will learn that Iggy Azalea revealed that she welcomed her baby, a son named Onyx, whose life she said she wanted to keep private. The rapper made it clear, though, that her baby is not a secret and that she loves him “beyond words.”

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