In Her Latest IG Post, Mariah Carey Is Excited about Christmas


You can tell that Mariah Carey is excited about Christmas with her recent Instagram post. Last Monday, November 1, the 52-year-old songbird posted a video of herself on the famous Meta-owned photo and video-sharing platform.

You can see Ms. Carey wearing a sexy red dress. Then, she walks to her front door, where you can see three pumpkins sitting at her doorstep with the expressions, “It’s Not Time,” respectfully carved in them. 

The Huntington, New York-born R&B musician used a baseball bat that looked like a candy cane to smash the pumpkins. You can see Mariah Carey is excited about Christmas as her famous Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas” then plays in the background. 

You may not know if Mariah Carey has something in store for her fans this coming holiday season. Nevertheless, you can tell that she wants to skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. 

If you can recall, the mother of two children’s “All I Want For Christmas” dropped in 1994. Then, back in 2011, Mariah Carey re-recorded her uptempo Christmas love song with singing sensation Justin Bieber. 

The Canadian pop star had their “All I Want For Christmas” duet in his studio album “Under The Mistletoe.” For Justin Bieber’s studio album, you can read the vibrant Christmas song’s title tweaked a bit. 

It is “All I Want for Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)”. After 25 years, in 2019, the world-famous Christmas track finally topped the US Billboard Hot 100.

Fans who watched the recently posted Instagram video, which has already amassed exactly 1,206,862 Instagram likes at the time of writing, may believe Mariah Carey is excited about Christmas, thanks to the royalties she receives for her world-renowned Christmas song. 

You can check out the video on the Instagram account with the handle @mariahcarey, where the singer has more than 10.3 million Instagram followers. 

If you are unaware, the songstress has managed to take home more than US$75 million in royalties for “All I Want For Christmas.” No wonder Mariah Carey looks like she is very much looking forward to yuletide.

Last update was on: February 1, 2024 6:57 pm

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