iOS 4.2 updates now available for iPad


If you’re an iPad owner, you’ve probably been on pins and needles lately. That’s
because back in September, Apple announced that a full-scale update to the tablet’s OS would be coming in the form of iOS 4.2, bringing a slew of new

features to the device. Included in that laundry list is proper iOS 4-style
multitasking, folders, major mail improvements, Game Center integration, and
Safari enhancements (like find-in-page text searches). Besides those features,
the company has been touting two other big changes that could cause a major
shift in the way you use your iPad — namely, AirPrint and AirPlay. Both
additions leverage your WiFi network, certain connected printers, and the new
Apple TV in an attempt to make the company’s slate less like a distraction and
more like the center of your digital life

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