Is Cher planning to produce a second cover album on ABBA songs

Legendry singer Cher hinted in one of her interviews with the media that she might be producing one more tribute album on ABBA covers. Cher released her latest album named Dancing Queen back in September 2018. To one of the news agencies, Cher told that at present she is planning to listen to ABBA’s songs and there’s a possibility that she might get influenced by their tracks and produce another album.

Cher, real name Cherilyn Sarkisian is considered as a Pop Goddess, and she is known to have a distinctive voice which helped to get great fame within a small time frame. On her Twitter account, Cher informed her fans that if she would do ABBBA 2, then she would focus more on songs viz. I do I do I do, Money Money Money, Does your mother know, Rock me and I have a dream. In one of her interviews, Cher told that she always liked ABBA had watched Mama Mia! Thrice on a musical Broadway.

To one of the news agency, Cherilyn Sarkisian told that she was really anxious while she was recording the cover songs for her album but now she’s happy that people liked her work. Cher also said that at first, she was unaware about the complexity of the song Fernando until she started to record it. She said that the song was impeccably orchestrated and well produced by ABBA. Before producing an album for ABBA Cherilyn Sarkisian also produced Closer to the truth album, back in 2013.

Cher’s album Dancing Queen features many covers of Swedish pop band ABBA namely, Mama Mia, Waterloo, Fernando, etc. Cher released the album several weeks after the movie Mama Mia! Here We Go Again released worldwide. In the latest sequel to 2008’s musical hit, Cher played mom to Meryl Streep, and the film got a good response all over the world.

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