It’s Celebration Time For The Jonas Brothers

Recently, Jonas Brothers had surprised their fans while performing together on a stage for them, and by producing their hit single called sucker after six long years. The band got split back in 2013 which led tits millions of fans heartbroken. Speaking to their fans through social media the Jonas Brothers had promised that they will produce even more beautiful songs in the upcoming future.

On March 11, 2019, the band got its first song to get first ranking on Billboard top 100. Nick Jonas addressed millions of their fans through social media and wrote that he can’t believe that the band is back again. Nick Jonas also wrote that he wasn’t sure before whether he would be able to sing along the rest of his buddies ever again. Nick also thanked millions of their fans through his social media account for their love as well as support.

Jonas Brothers

On the other hand Joe Jonas had posted a video in which he enthusiastically thanked his fans for making sucker number one hit in the US after Burnin’ Up which they had produced back in 2008. In the video Joe Jonas could be seen screaming at the top of his lungs while he says that he can’t believe that Jonas Brothers have achieved number one rank. In the video, Joe could be seen kicking and punching an air filled clown.

Kevin Jonas also thanked his fans for making the single of the band an instant hit. On his social media account, Kevin wrote that at present he is completely speechless and makes their fans aware that in the upcoming future their fans would be able to hear few more great songs. The single produced by the band named sucker is the 34th single which had achieved number one position in the billboard top hundred.

Last update was on: July 14, 2023 7:50 pm

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