Japan Self-Defense Glasses Bring Armored Protection to a Whole New Level

Finally a pair shades that will remain intact even when you’re thrown a really hard punch to the face? That’s what the Japanese military is endorsing – the Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses. Its lens won’t fracture even if it is hit at 106mph by a 0.3″ object – that’s just how strong it is. Also, it is capable of holding up to a 500g piece of iron dropped on it without batting an eyelid.

These glasses are able to withstand gratuitous amounts force. However, they are not quite enough to stop a bullet as depicted in their ad, but it’s impressive nonetheless. The frames themselves are made from TPR/TR90, which should be strong enough to take a bit of a beating themselves. The question is, would you fork out $317 for some virtually indestructible cool?

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