Jennifer Lopez Files Multi-Million Dollar Suit Against Ex

If Ojani Noa thought that he could cash in off of a tell-all movie about ex Jennifer Lopez, he might want to think again.

Jennifer is not happy one bit with Ojani’s decision to release a tell-all movie along with intimate videos of Lopez and Noa to the public. J-Lo has launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Noa citing that this whole thing is in direct violation of a confidentiality agreement that she had him sign some years ago.

The suit was filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday (Nov. 6) claiming that the movie Noa is going to release entitled “How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story”. The suit also claims that Noa is planning to release over 11 hours of home videos that were taken of the couple back when they were together. The videos are not just PG movies either. There are scenes in the video that show JLo in compromising positions and scantily clothed, and even a segment of the couples honeymoon night. I’d probably be a little p.o.’d too.

In the suit, Lopez is suing Noa for breach of contract and invasion of privacy, and is asking for NO LESS than $10,000,000. In addition, she is asking for the Judge to demand that Noa cease and decist with any further progress with releasing the movie or the home videos.

Lopez and Noa got married back in 97 and the marriage only lasted 10 months.

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