Jenny Slate, Back With Famous Beau Plus A New Book

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Christmas presents came early for Jenny Slate as well as for a lot of her fans around the globe waiting for some exciting news about her career and love life.

For the Milton comedian, you don’t have to choose only one between a flourishing career and a wonderful love life. Jenny Slate is recently working on a new book that is packed with some feminist fables. What is getting her fans into overdrive is that beside that career boom, her love life is also on the mend. She is reportedly rekindling her love with the famous Captain America boyfriend, Chris Evans.

These years have made Slate quite a busy woman. She starred in the movie Landline and also appeared in Lady Dynamite in Netflix. In addition to that, she also voiced several shows like Bob’s Burgers. Recently, Slate also landed a prestigious book deal with the Little, Brown and Company. Then famous comedian is now set to publish her book in 2019. It is a collection of feminist fables and essays.

In her book, she is expected to explain and tell a story of what it is like to live in a misogynistic culture as a woman. It would be from a perspective of different forms of prey in fables that are sure to be fantastic and funny. For those who know or are fans of Jenny Slate, one can hope there will also be some kind of magic.

Jenny Slate, Back With Famous Beau Plus A New Book

In Slate’s statement about her upcoming book, she said that she finds so much natural magic in being a human. That also includes magic in feminism as a movement or a way of life. She also added that she is thrilled to be given that chance by Little, Brown and Company to explain and explore what she described as magic. Slate is also excited to write about what it feels to be living as a woman in a wild world of this time.

This latest news of the comedian is just an addition to her already blossoming and busy career. But while she is starting to make use of her pen and paper, she also gets a particular moral support which would probably make writing a book a whole lot better. It is in the form of her then-ex, now new boyfriend, Chris Evans.

A lot of Jenny Slate fans, in addition to Captain America fans worldwide, were saddened when the couple called it quits last February. That caused a lot of people to doubt about happy ever after and forever, but some romantics also hoped for the reconciliation of the two. It seems now that those wishes are coming true.

Just recently, the two were seen hunting for an apartment in Tribeca in New York City and looking a little coupley at that. But before some fans start to expect a soon-to-be wedding, the apartment, according to a source of People magazine, is apparently just for Evans.

The rumors about Jenny Slate and Chris Evans getting back together started in October when they were seen having dinner in Atlanta followed by their flirting on Twitter. Everyone is hoping for Slate’s success both in her book and her love life.

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