Jessica Simpson thanked God for keeping her home safe during Woosley wildfire

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson felt grateful as she returned to her home after the devastating Woolsey wildfire incident. The star returned to her home during Thanksgiving which she had to evacuate earlier this month due to the fire incidence which took place in California and caused millions of dollars worth damage. Jessica lived in her home with her husband Eric Johnson and two kids. The couple has two kids one girl and one boy named Maxwell and Ace; reportedly the couple is expecting their third child, a baby girl.

According to one of the news channels, Jessica told that she never felt happier in her life to be back at home. Jessica further told that how happy her children seemed when they were back home, she told that how Ace and Maxwell hugged every other soft toy they have. The singer told that how grateful their children sounded when they thanked God for keeping their home safe.

Simpson further told that the incident had a great impact on the mind of her children; she also told the reporter that She and Eric helped their children to be thankful to God. She also said that no one could make their children things which they haven’t experienced themselves. The singer and actress personally thanked God for making her family safe and bestowing them with his kindness.

Though Jessica Simpson was a lucky one but there were many celebrities who lost their homes in the wildfire incidence which took place earlier this month. Actor Gerard Butler, Neil Young, teen heartthrob Miley Cyrus and singer Robin Thicke lost their properties during fire incidence in California. The Woosley wildfire expunged Malibu, Hidden Hills, Calabasas and Thousand Oaks. The fire also ripped through Southern and Northern parts of California. According to news reports around 81 people lost their lives and more than 800 people are still missing due to the devastation of the California fire.


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