Jessie and Jenna Came together for Women Equality

According to one news agency Jessie J, Channing Tatum’s new girlfriend had urged fans not to compare her with actress Jenna Dewan. Back in April, Tatum and Dewan had officially announced news for their separation. Netizens have started to comment on the similarities and differences between the two ladies. Due to constant remarks over the internet led Jessie reach out to her fans over the Instagram where she urged them to stop making such remarks as it would be very unhealthy for the girls.

In relation to Jessie’s comment on Instagram Jenna had applauded her which further escalated the gossip over the internet and several social networking sites. According to one news agency, Jessie said that she’s shocked with the attitude of people as they are making comments about her and Dewan. Jessie further wrote that she wants people to stop making comments altogether as she doesn’t like their behavior at all. Jenna further wrote that she supports all women and have respect for every other woman. She also wrote that all women are equally beautiful.

As soon as Jenna saw Jessie’s comment on Instagram, she appraised her by saying that Jessie is doing a great job by advocating for all women. Dewan further wrote that women should not have negativity between them and they should live in harmony by praising each other. According to one of the news reporting agency, Jenna wrote that she had no hard feelings against her estranged husband as he moved on with his life and started to date the British Popstar.

Dewan filed a divorce application back in October 2018, she and Tatum have a five-year-old named Everly. Step Up fame star, Tatum and Dewan got separated back in April 2018, after nine years of marriage. At present Jenna Dewan, actress/dancer is dating Steve Kazee who is a well known Broadway actor.

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