Joe Giudice Claims ‘Not Missing’ Married Life With Ex-Wife

MONTVILLE, N.J. – Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice claims he doesn’t miss married life with ex-wife Teresa Giudice.

Joe Giudice said this about Teresa after meeting her ex-wife’s current boyfriend. As many of the RHONJ fans know, Teresa is currently in a relationship with businessman Luis Ruelas. The 48-year-old recently pulled back the curtain on her love life, sharing how she’s taking the relationship very slow on RHONJ’s episode on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Joe and Teresa were married for over two decades but got their divorce finalized in September last year.

During an interview, Joe said that he doesn’t miss being married, also mentioning that it wouldn’t have worked even if he wasn’t deported to Italy. The two seem to be happy living their lives apart while co-parenting their daughters Gia, 20, Gabriella, 16, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 11.

Teresa also made news with her recent posts of her current man on her social media, looking moved on and in love. When talking about his ex-wife’s new beau, Joe didn’t hesitate to give his two cents.

The RHONJ star commented that he met the guy once and seemed decent from what he saw. However, Joe also expressed that the meeting was a bit awkward, at least for his part, although they met in a group.

Luis wanted to introduce himself, Joe said, and he thinks it was understandable given that he and Teresa will most probably be moving in together. It was very nice, he said, especially with his kids with ex-wife will be living in the house with the new couple.

When asked about his relationship with ex-wife Teresa, Joe explained that he still keeps in touch with her. However, he also said that it isn’t like calling and talking to each other every day. Although they’ve already finalized their divorce, he has much respect for her, especially as the mother of his kids, he added.

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