John Legend’s Social Media Sabbatical: Mental Health or Media Fatigue?

John Legend has realized the importance of distancing himself from social media for his well-being. He admits to Yahoo Life that he’s reduced his online activity, especially on Twitter, due to its overwhelming negativity. He believes that this decision significantly benefits his mental state.

Legend describes himself as typically unfazed by stressors. He mentions that this trait isn’t a result of any specific mindfulness practice; it’s just part of his nature. He believes that maturity and life experiences have further stabilized his demeanor.

Managing peace with four young children at home might seem daunting. John and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have Luna (7 years old), Miles (5 years old), Esti (8 months old), and Wren (4 months old). Notably, their youngest arrived via surrogacy shortly after Teigen birthed Esti. However, Legend expresses that the lively environment in their household is delightful. He emphasizes that their home is always buzzing with children, friends, and staff. They enjoy hosting, cooking, and embracing the bustling atmosphere.

Besides focusing on mental wellness, Legend also prioritizes physical health. He follows a regular fitness routine, engaging in both cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting. Every morning, he commits to a session in their garage gym before attending to his children’s school routines. Due to his family’s history of specific health conditions, he is vigilant about monitoring cholesterol and blood pressure levels. He adopts a balanced approach to consumption, whether it’s food or drinks.

On another health-related note, the award-winning artist partners with Pfizer to champion the significance of the COVID-19 vaccine. Legend observes that discussing vaccinations can spark debates. For him, the choice to get vaccinated stems from an instinctive desire to safeguard his loved ones. He acknowledges that many harbor reservations due to widespread misinformation. To this, he recommends that people rely on the advice of medical professionals rather than unverified opinions online.

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