John Travolta Shares How He’s Dealing With Grief Over Wife’s Death


LOS ANGELES, Calif. – American actor John Travolta shares how he’s dealing with grief after his wife, Kelly Preston, passed away.

American actress and model Kelly Preston passed away in July 2020 at age 57 after a tumultuous battle with breast cancer for almost two years. The actress and her family then decided to keep her fight private, which shocked many fans by announcing her passing on July 12 of last year. John Travolta shared the tragic news with a message filled with sadness and love to celebrate his wife and her braveness.

The actress survived her husband John Travolta and their two children after one of their sons died in 2009.

Now, around nine months since his wife’s death, John Travolta is opening up about his mourning and healing. During an interview with Esquire Spain, the Pulp Fiction, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever star called his mourning and healing process individual and personal. He reflected on his healing and overcoming the grief and loss after his wife of almost 30 years passed away.

The actor got candid, saying that mourning someone is an individual experience and different from what someone else deals with. He explained that he’s been focusing on his mourning and healing, giving himself enough space to grieve his wife’s passing.

Travolta explained that it was necessary, in his experience at least. He pondered that while it might be great to have some company as one deals with grief, it often becomes you helping the other person instead of putting yourself to work on your grief and loss.

The actor also expressed that he’s focusing on getting on with the part of his life that he enjoys, like music, dancing, and people. Travolta states that he spends most of his time ensuring his children’s future and guide them through what they want for their lives. The actor said that he’s currently helping his daughter Ella, 21, with films and his son Ben who’s only ten years old.

Last update was on: March 17, 2023 9:59 pm

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