JoJo Cites Family, Therapist as Way Out of Her Depression

If you love JoJo, you will discover that she was recently depressed. You may feel surprised because you know her as a very vibrant singer.

Additionally, you will always have her catchy song “Baby It’s You,” featuring rapper Bow Wow playing in your head every time you fall in love or something like that. Nevertheless, JoJo’s recent depression, indeed, happened.

According to Joanna Noëlle Levesque, she felt depressed last year, and she shared this reality on her Instagram. Furthermore, JoJo remarked that in 2020, she felt unmotivated and merely uncertain about everything. 

You may feel concerned for this Brattleboro, Vermont-born pop singer. Well, one year later, JoJo shared how things have changed for herself since then.

JoJo initially shared that she had been in the music business and the spotlight since she was young. She remarked that such experience did shake her sense of self.

You will also discover that JoJo pointed out that there are many things to feel worried about in this society. With this reality, she cited that she is, apparently, very much not alone as many people also share the same viewpoint.

According to JoJo, her depression made her lose herself. Nonetheless, she relayed that she feels thankful for not being in her depressed state anymore.

You may wonder who helped JoJo get back up again. This 30-year-old musician, whose genres include soul, R&B, pop, and hip-hop, gave credit to her family members, friends, boyfriend, therapist, and fans.

Furthermore, she credited herself for being able to openly discuss matters as she said she is not good at pretending. JoJo, who also confirmed she had been on a rollercoaster with her self-esteem issues, cited that she has returned to the state where she trusts her gut.

She relayed that one year after her depression, she is now having fun, believes in a future for herself, and thinks she is worthy of dreaming. As you can see, with the right support system, JoJo was able to successfully win her battle against depression. 

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