Jordyn Woods Shared New Workout Video and Fans Cheered

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Fans are cheering for Jordyn Woods after posting her latest workout routine on her social media.

Jordyn is always keeping her millions of fans updated on what’s happening in her life or what she’s been up to as a social media influencer. It seemed like she’s hard into fitness and getting in shape nowadays.

Her latest Instagram post was a workout video of her latest routine where you can see her going hard at it in the gym. It was hard work, and fans can see it. So, it wasn’t surprising for the social media star’s fans to show their love and respect for Jordyn in the comments.

Jordyn shared in the caption that she forgot to film the first part of her new workout routine, but she was able to do so for her leg workout. It was only a snippet of what seemed like a rigorous workout that would leave anybody beat, so fans were nothing but impressed.

Fans cheered her in the comments, telling her to keep going. One fan also commented that Jordyn is her inspiration to getting fit, while another said that she’s going to the gym to get her leg day too.

Some fans were also curious about Jordyn Woods’ workout regime and asked her some questions in the comments. One fan asked the social media star how many days she works out in a week. Someone else shared that she feels so much pain after working out and asked what to do about it. Other fans also asked for tips when they don’t feel motivated to go to the gym.

One fan also commented that she likes how Jordyn Woods wears normal clothes when going to the gym because she can relate. Not everyone wants to dress up when they are only going to work out and go home after, she explained.

Last update was on: July 28, 2023 12:52 am

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