Joseline Hernandez Announces “Zeus A Wrap”, Promises New Show

After the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, and her fiancé were accused of attacking a star from “Joseline’s Cabaret”, it seems like Zeus network is about to lose one of their biggest assets.

Hernandez remains unfazed despite the threats of litigations and lawsuits after the incident. The Joseline’s Cabaret producer has been under hot water after she and her fiancé were accused of allegedly creating a scene while filming the show’s reunion. 

Star Amber Ali recently appeared on social media and shared videos and images of herself in a hospital. She claims that Hernandez and Ballistic Beats physically assaulted her in her post.

While evidence of the altercation is yet to be shared online, several women who starred in the series came forward and supported Ali’s claims. Hernandez also seems guilty of what happened after she fired several tweets out to Ali in response to the latter’s claims. 

And now, Hernandez is back on Twitter again and shared more of her thoughts. This time, she had the Zeus Network as her target and said that she is planning to move to another network.

Joseline announced that she had a new show coming out in another network, and she shared her excitement with her fans. Her fans replied in kind, joking about canceling Zeus as soon as her show ends. 

In another tweet, Hernandez claimed that she would make another network famous. She says that it is only fair that she does. Finally, she ended the announcement by saying “Zeus a Wrap” and that she couldn’t care less about a ‘bad boy’. 

Zeus Network seemed unbothered by this drama, and it continued to promote the next episode of Joseline’s Cabaret. While the network has already made a statement regarding the altercation, it is yet to clarify how it plans to handle airing the episode in the future. 

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