Top 20 Billboard Chart-Topping Artist @JoshXantus Releases New Single “TAKING ME BACK”

On Valentine’s day, JOSH X released an exclusive free download preview of his upcoming album for the fans entitled, “The Prelude – I Am Josh X“.  This exclusive release, led by the single, “Taking Me Back“, will consist of ten songs and will be available for free download at

JOSH X Releases New Single "TAKING ME BACK"

Taking Me Back” was written by Josh X and produced by DJ Static.  “This song was inspired by a personal relationship that I lost due to my own selfishness and when I discovered that it was my fault and she started talking to someone else, I felt some way about the situation, so of course, I had to put my pride aside, get my pleading on, and basically start telling her that she is taking me back,” mentions Josh.

The Prelude – I Am Josh X, from rising-star, Singer/Musician/Songwriter and Producer JOSH X.  JOSH is currently enjoying the success of his Top 20 hit single, “HEAVEN ON MY MIND” featuring Cardi B.  “HEAVEN ON MY MIND” is the first single to be released from JOSH X’s upcoming debut album, “AMOUR” The Prelude – I AM JOSH X, due out on Wednesday, March 1st.  The smash is currently the #21 song on the Billboard R&B charts and still climbing.

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