Joy Behar Taking a Backseat Over False Brian Ross Report

NEW YORK, NY – Joy Behar, a host in The View, had to take some walk back on Monday after she celebrated a report that turned out to be false.

On The View’s broadcast last Friday, the longtime host was given first dibs on breaking news. It was an exclusive ABC News report by Brian Ross. It stated that Michael Flynn had promised a total cooperation and support to the Mueller team. It also added that Flynn is ready to testify that when Donald Trump was still a candidate, he directed him to develop a contact with the Russians.

However, a few hours later, ABC News had to do some drastic correction to the report from Ross. The change was made because apparently, the alleged directive happened not when Donald Trump was still a candidate but when he had already been elected as the new president.

Aside from changing the report, some work had to be done, and that included ABC News having to suspend Ross for a total of four weeks without pay.

Joy Behar Taking a Backseat Over False Brian Ross Report

In Joy Behar’s case, she read the inaccurate report on air. That prompted a lot of her audience to break into an uproar and applause. Meghan McCain, Behar’s co-host, even compared the event to the now popular car giveaway of Oprah.

But, on Monday, Behar tried to make light of what happened. She said that on the last Friday’s show, she was apparently guilty of her own premature judgment. Behar even joked that there is a pill specifically for that error.

Also on Monday, in a statement read on The View, ABC News stated that the report, at that time, had not been fully assessed according to the standard process of their editorial staff. The statement also continued that getting the story right and retaining the trust that the team has already built with the audience are vital. While these are their core principles, in the statement, ABC News claimed that they fell short in that category due to Friday’s mistake.

Joy Behar also said that she thinks it was a mistake, contrary to how people are taking what happened as mere fake news. She stated that she is being accused of being a part of delivering fake news or what has happened on Friday, but she doesn’t want to be on a show where she feels that they are only giving fake news or being irresponsible.

While the suspension of Ross was warranted, most think that it was not a misleading fake news but an error. The panel agreed with this sentiment which includes Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Sara Haines.

As what Navarro also said regarding what happened and the media storm it’s getting, Ross has apparently made some mistake. She also added that at this moment, he is already paying the price and consequences of his actions which is the 4-week suspension. She believes it is a good standard.

However, Navarro’s statement didn’t only involve the part of the false news by Brian Ross which was reported on air by Joy Behar. She ended her statement that Ross’ side of mistake has been dealt with and now it is time to do the same standard for the president of the United States.

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