Justin Timberlake gives Myspace a Reboot

It seems like a very long time ago, but can you remember the days when Facebook was actually not the top dog of social networking? In fact, much as people have taken to Facebook like ducks to water, at one time Myspace used to be every bit as popular as Facebook is today. Now, superstar Justin Timberlake is looking to turn back the hands of time and once again make Myspace the social networking venue of choice.
Back in 2003, Myspace launched and straight away it was a hit. Users loved the features the website offered, particularly the opportunity to customize user pages in a variety of ways. Then, when Myspace focused on offering a venue for musicians and bands to showcase their music, Myspace went from strength to strength. It seemed like Myspace would be a long term winner, which is what persuaded media mogul Rupert Murdoch to shell out nearly $600 million for the website in July 2005.
However, the rise of Facebook sent Myspace into a gradual but relentless decline. Despite the fact that Facebook has never offered the music facilities that were a central feature of Myspace, everyday users jumped ship like rats. Until recently, Myspace looked like it was on its last legs, but now there is a ray of hope.
Killing Facebook may not be possible but the new owners of Myspace, who include music star Justin Timberlake, are determined to relaunch the website and make it the cool place for social networking and listening to new music. When your boss and your mom and dad are all sticking their nose into your business on Facebook, maybe you need a refuge from all that? Recently, a sneak preview of the newly redesigned Myspace won Timberlake and his pals plenty of plaudits for the general look and features. The question is will users go back to Myspace in large numbers? Only time will tell.

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