Kaley Cuoco is Tired of Replying to the Pregnancy Rumours

American actress and producer Kaley Cuoco has recently been married to Carl Cook this June. She seems to be tired of replying to the rumors on social media about the choice of outfits that she has been making lately.

The actress is fed up of the gossips that have been surfacing lately about her being pregnant. She had to face similar speculations when she shared a picture of her wearing an ankle length violet gown while attending the InStyle Awards in Los Angeles.

The picture Kaley Cuoco took was clicked in an angle that did reveal a tiny little curve on her stomach which indicted to the audience of her expecting a baby.

She was trolled immensely on Instagram which led the actress to film an emotional video in its response. She urged the people to stop asking her if she was expecting.

The actress explains how it all began when she had posted a picture or her sister Briana and her from an even and the people had said that she was expecting. Although it was both shocking and a bit funny to her, in the beginning, the trolls had increased and Kaley Cuoco was no more in the state to take all these comments.

She explains that she has a lot of things lined up in her professional life and she is not yet ready to begin a family journey with her husband, Karl. Kaley loves kids, but for now, she is not ready to move out of the work boundary. She wants to focus on her career and husband for now. Kids are probably something that will definitely be a part of her life, but that phase is yet to come. For now, she is holding her plans of motherhood and is getting set for her final season of comedy TV serial The Big Bang Theory.


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