Kandi Burruss Looks Like Her Daughter in a Throwback Pic

ATLANTA, Ga. – Kandi Burruss shares a throwback photo via her Instagram account and fans pointed out that she’s twinning with her daughter, Blaze Tucker.

Kandi has over nine million fans on the platform, and she gets much support and love from them every time she posts a photo to update everyone in her life. Her recent throwback photo got the same popularity when everyone started saying that she looks like her baby daughter in the pic.

As you can see in the IG snap, the reality TV personality was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and striped pants with her hair tucked in a violet hair cap. She was posing with who seemed to be the TV host and haircare specialist Derek Jae. Kandi was beautifully smiling in the photo and seemed happy with whatever was going on at that time.

However, she called her glam in the photo a total mess in the caption, but that she wanted her fans to have a good laugh for the day, even at her expense. Kandi Burruss also pointed out that the photo is already 18 years old, saying that she and Derek Jae go way back.

A little while after she posted the throwback snap, fans started commenting about her looks. One of them pointed out how she looks so much like her baby.

However, one other fan couldn’t believe that she’s been friends with Derek for nearly two decades. She said that she didn’t know Kandi and Derek know each other long before she got in the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But in another post, Kandi celebrated her husband Todd Tucker’s birthday with a sweet tribute. She shared some photos of her and Todd looking all glammed up. Meanwhile, fans couldn’t help but admire their love and lasting relationship. They were in awe of how beautiful they look like a couple and encouraged the reality star to post more of their pics together.

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